ICN focus at ICNP 2013

Since 1993, the annual IEEE International Conference on Network Protocols (ICNP) has established itself as one of the premier conferences in the computer networking field. ICNP deals with all aspects of communication protocols, including design, analysis, specification, verification, implementation, and performance. ICNP is a highly competitive conference in computer science, where only around 10-20% top ranked papers are selected from all submissions, based on the double-blind reviews by its program committee composed of highly reputed international scholars in the field of computer networking.

The 21st edition of ICNP, ICNP 2013 (http://icnp13.informatik.uni-goettingen.de/), is one of the most successful events in ICNP history – it attracted highest number of participants (more than 150 registered attendees) and a highest number of submissions (252), with a highest number of full paper presentations (46). It was held at the Mathematics Institute at the University of Göttingen, October 7-10, 2013, where forefathers of computer science like Profs. Carl Friedrich Gauss, David Hilbert, Emmy Noether and Von Neumann taught or worked. It is first premium international conference organized by the young Institute of Computer Science, which was founded 11 years ago. Prof. Dr. Xiaoming Fu of the Institute of Computer Science served as General Co-Chair, together with Dr. Volker Hilt of Bell Labs/Alcatel-Lucent. Prof. Dr. Dieter Hogrefe, director of the Institute of Computer Science, was the conference finance chair/treasurer.

Of special highlight was the notion of Information Centric Networking (ICN), a key innovation in the area of future Internet. ICNP’13 had a specific session on ICN and the panel was centric to “The Future of Information-Centric Networking”, where experts from the academia and industry raised various opinions and prospects on this future Internet technology. In this domain, the University of Goettingen is coordinating a new EU research project GreenICN  – Architecture and Applications of Green Information Centric Networking, which aims to address upcoming challenges of energy efficiency and disaster management with ICN.

Four workshops as well as PhD forum will be held on Monday, October 7th, 2013:

  • 8th Workshop on Secure Network Protocols (NPSec)
  • 3rd Int’l Capacity Sharing Workshop (CSWS)
  • 3rd Workshop on Rigorous Protocol Engineering (WRiPE)
  • 2nd Int’l Workshop on Vehicular Communications and Applications (VCA)

Distinguished keynote speakers were:

  • Prof. Anja Feldmann (T-Labs/TU Berlin, Germany, recipient of the 2011 Leibniz price of the German Research Foundation, DFG), “On the importance of Internet eXchange Points for today’s Internet ecosystem”
  • Dr. K. K. Ramakrishnan (AT&T Labs-Research, USA, IEEE Fellow and AT&T Fellow), on “Networking Cloud Data Centers: Providing Dependable Storage and Computation”