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EU-Japan FP7 GreenICN project successfully completed with a grade of “EXCELLENT”

After three years of intensive research, the EU-Japan FP7 collaborative research project “GreenICN – Architecture and Applications of Green Information Centric Networking” successfully passed the final review in Tokyo, Japan on the 25th of May, 2016 with a grade of “Excellent”.

A great achievement considering the fact that GreenICN was one of the first set of EU-Japan collaborative projects and the team utilized cultural differences to their advantage in order to achieve such a great result.

Below are some photos of our memorable association:




GreenICN’s presence at ACM ICN 2015

The GreenICN consortium has a paper titled “Moderator-controlled Information Sharing by Identity-based Aggregate Signatures for Information Centric Networking” being presented at the ICN conference. Additionally, it has two demonstrations and two posters being presented at the ICN conference.

Prof. Asami delivers the Opening Remarks at APSITT

Prof. Asami delivers the Opening Remarks at APSITT, the 10th Asia-Pacific Symposium on Information and Telecommunication Technologies that was held in Colombo, Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka from the 4th of August till the 7th of August, 2015. This conference offers an academic opportunity for a brisk exchange of views on the rapidly changing information and telecommunication field and aims to contribute prosperity of the Asia-Pacific region through the cooperation of researchers and leaders.
Prof. Asami’s talk was titled “Expectations for Resilient and Green Networks”.

GreenICN Open Workshop, Japan, 30th October 2015.

The GreenICN team plans to conduct an open workshop in Tokyo on the 30th of October, 2015 in conjunction with the GreenICN all partners meeting (28-29 October, 2015) and IETF (1-6 November, 2015). We plan to have participants from the IRTG ICNRG and we hope to have fruitful discussions on the work done in GreenICN and future directions.

GreenICN paper wins Best Paper Award in IFIP Networking 2015

Dr Vasilis Sourlas, Prof. Leandros TassiulasDr Ioannis Psaras and Prof. George Pavlou received the best paper award at the IFIP Networking 2015 international conference that took place on the 20-22 May 2015 in Toulouse, France. IFIP Networking is a key yearly event in networking and one of the top networking conferences. It has maintained an acceptance rate mostly between 20-25%, with this year’s rate being 23.8%.

The paper presented work done in the GreenICN project along with external collaborators. The paper details are as follows:

V. Sourlas, L. Tassiulas, I. Psaras, G. Pavlou, Information Resilience through User-Assisted Caching in Disruptive Content-Centric Networks, Proc. of the 14th IFIP Networking international conference, Toulouse, France, May 2015.

The best paper award was announced during the closing session and can be seen in the conference program. Congratulations to all involved for this very important achievement!

GreenICN presents at 5th EU-Japan Symposium In ICT Research And Innovation

Mayutan Arumaithurai and Atsushi Tagami presented the current status of the GreenICN project at the 5th EU-Japan Symposium In ICT Research And Innovation. The agenda consisted of talks by dignitaries from EU and Japan as well as presentations from the ongoing EU-JP projects and the new EU-JP projects. It was followed by parallel tracks to discuss topics of Interest for future EU-JP collaborations. 

GreenICN makes its presence felt @ ACM ICN 2014, Paris.

ACM ICN-2014, the 1st ACM conference on Information-Centric Networking was held in Paris from the 24th-26th September. The conference received a large number of submissions of which 17 were selected for full paper (acceptance ratio: 17%) and 8 were selected for posters. The conference also had a demonstration session with 10 demos.

GreenICN partners had two full papers and also a demonstration. GreenICN paper titled “Exploting ICN for flexible management of software-defined networks” was selected as the best paper of the conference.

13 GreenICN partners (8 Japanese and 5 European) attended the main conference. Some of them attended the tutorial sessions preceding the conference as well as the special ICNRG session on the next day.



Prof. Tohru Asami presents GreenICN at e-meeting of FG-DRNRR

Prof. Tohru Asami presents GreenICN work named “Information Centric Networking in Disaster Areas” at e-meeting of FG-DRNRRI on 18 April, 2014.

The committee is going to finalize their deliverables at the 9th FG-DR&NRR meeting in Fiji (The University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji) 12-15 May 2014. Based on the presentation, they agreed to input some pages of GreenICN in their framework document “Disaster Relief Systems, Network Resilience and Recovery (DR&NRR): Promising technologies and use cases” which will be published at the end of May. These deliverables will then be sent to appropriate study groups such as SG2 (FG’s parent group), SG13 (Future Networks), SG15, SG16, etc.

GreenICN helps organize pre-FIA workshop on Virtualization

Mayutan Arumaithurai (University of Goettingen) along with Robert Szabo (Ericsson Research, Hungary and participant of the UNIFY project) organized the pre-FIA workshop on virtualization on behalf of the EU Future Internet Cluster. The workshop was held on the 17th of March (see here for the Sessions on 17th March) and 18th of March (see here for the Sessions on 17th March) as a pre-FIA event in Athens.


The workshop had sessions on Standard bodies in virtualization,  efforts to control virtualization and also presentations from 15 ongoing EU projects (See the call for participation for the workshop).