Other Contributions

  • COPSS open source code
  • Mayutan Arumaithurai coorganized the pre-FIA workshop on virtualization, 17-18th March, Athens, on behalf of the EU Future Internet Cluster. See here for details.
  • T. Higashino, Y. Oie, T. Asami, “never-die-network: Autonomous disaster-information delivery in critical situations,” Sub-committee on Establishment
    of Resilience to Disasters, Science Council of Japan
    , Sep. 2013.
  • Andrea Detti, Nicola Blefari-Melazzi “CCN application-domains:
    brainstorming from GreenICN project”, Contributions to ICNRG meeting @ IETF-88, Vancouver, November 4-8, 2013.
  • Jan Seedorf chaired a session on ICN at the ICC 2013, July 2013.
  • UCL: “Icarus: a simulator for ICN Caching”, available at: http://icarus-sim.github.io
  • UGOE: “QueueVisualizer: A network simulator to visualize congestion control”, available at https://github.com/greenicn/QueueVisualizer